Biking in America is way too dangerous

Biking in America is dangerous, but as seen by ATTN video below our European counterparts have proven that doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps this is why so many Americans opt-out of biking to work.


While the trend is shifting towards more pedal powered commuting, the percentage of bike commuters in the U.S is still below 1%.

While in select European cities commuter share is as high as 48%

This goes to show bike commuting in some European countries can be up to 80 times more common than in the US. That means up to 80 times less cars on the road. Up to 80 times less congestion in dense urban environment. Up to 80 times more people getting regular daily exercise.


What is the reason why biking in America is less prevalent than in Europe? There are a number of reasons why this is true.

First, most American cities were designed with the automobile in mind. Roads are larger and infrastructure is in place. Second, most American cities have not put in bike infrastructure to make biking in America safer (of course you can always get some visibility gear) and more efficient. Finally, societal norms are in place. Let’s face it, if something is not common it is harder for it to catch on. If no one at your work bikes every day to the office, you are far less likely to make the decision to peddle in. However, if 30% of your colleagues are riding in and chat around the coffee machine about their new fixie, you’re much more likely to give it a try.


Overall, there is a trend towards more people biking in America, but the US is still miles behind many European countries.


Let us know what your city, state, or country has done to incentivize people to ride their bikes to work in the comments below. Happy riding!

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