Top five bike commuter products – 5 products that will completely change your bike commute

If you’re looking for the top five bike commuter products to get for the cyclist in your life (or just for yourself), you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re commuting to work on a bike in North America you’re part of a small group of less than 2% of commuters. Figuring out how to optimize your day can be tough when you can’t ask your non-bike commuter office mates for advice. We’ve got your back with a list of life saving products that will make your daily commute comfortable, enjoyable and an all around better experience.

Here’s our list of the top five bike commuter products:

Splash guard:


Nothing is worse than getting to work with a drenched butt and back from water kick up on your back tire. Luckily a small company in Sweden has you covered with the a simple $10 contraption that fits on your seat post.

Proper Underwear:


You sweat more “down there” than you realize and it can get pretty uncomfortable by the end of a workday. Get yourself a nice pair of SAXX, made from viscose,  a soft to touch natural fiber produced from purified wood pulp cellulose. These are the most comfortable, sweat wicking underwear you can own. Ladies, we have you covered too.




A good pair of stylish flat bottom shoes will keep you from slipping off your pedals and veering off your line. Our friends at Chrome have you covered.



A good backpack makes a big difference when you’re lugging around a laptop, lunch, change of clothes and other work essentials. On the off chance you’re biking in the rain, your rear tire will be kick up a lot of water from the road. Find yourself an athletic fitting, waterproof backpack with compartments for a laptop and essentials. You’ll want this puppy sitting well between your shoulder blades.

Dry Shampoo:


Oily, long or sweaty hair is not a commuter’s friend after a ride into work. If you don’t have the luxury of shower facilities at work then dry shampoo is for you. You can pick it up at your local Wal-Mart for $6 a bottle and store it at your desk for great smelling, clean hair that lasts all day.

The most important part of riding in the city is keeping your head on straight: Be aware of what’s going on around you, always throw a glance over your shoulder. Happy Commuting!

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