Our Story

In 2013 we set out to build a product that would help make people safer on city streets. Road infrastructure still marginalizes those of us that walk, run or ride a bike in big cities and towns. We were tired of reading headlines detailing vehicle collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

After extensive research and development, we knew that if we wanted to truly make an impact, we had to innovate on several fronts, and in some cases invent new technology.

The result of that effort was our first product, the VX360 Vest. A fashionable, lightweight visibility garment powered by ultra-bright electroluminescent lights. Since then we’ve released accessories and jackets for a variety of situations, all aimed at making people who share the road more visible.



Yearly U.S. Road Fatalities
Percent of Vulnerable Road Users
Target Road Fatalities

Our Design

We’re a mix of fashion designers and engineers working to make the World a safer place for people who share the road. We blend the latest trends in fashion with intelligent software that understands your surroundings.

Our products are expertly designed to feel like everyday garments. While technology is meant to enhance you in many situations we believe it should be so seamlessly integrated that you can’t even feel it.

Your Ultimate Visibility Companion For Any Night Time Activity

Join us in increasing road visiblilty.

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Working with industry leaders, sport specialists and athletes to perpetually create the ultimate product for enhanced visibility, the VX360 Collection is designed for cross activity function and a must-have companion to keep in every car for peace of mind. Stay connected with us as we evolve.